Vapor Power Boilers

Vapor Power Steam Generators
are one of the best kept secrets in Chicagoland. Built right here in Franklin Park, Il, the Vapor Power Steam Generators can produce high pressure steam in a matter of minutes with efficiencies as high as 90% plus for some applications when combined with Condex heat recovery equipment.

With the small footprint, lightning quick steam production, very high turndown ratio, high efficiency, very low standby loss, automated blowdown system, HMI interface, and relatively simple chemical treatment requirements, these boilers are a great choice for most high and low pressure steam applications.

Vapor Power Modulatic:
from 18-300 HP, gas or oil fired,
15-3100 PSI operating pressure, 13:1 turndown


Vapor Power Circulatic:
from  75-600 HP, gas or oil fired,
15-530 PSI operating pressure, 8:1 turndown