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Williams & Davis – 1000E Series Electric Boiler

Output: 1.2 to 100 BHP (12 to 981 kw) 41k to 3MM Btu/hr
Sizes: 0.9HP through 59HP
Pressures of up to 300 PSIG
Firetube Hot Water & Pressure Steam Boilers


Williams & Davis Electric boilers are extremely efficient because the heating elements are totally immersed in water and the pressure vessel is fully insulated, which results in minimal ratiation losses. With a carefully calculated heat to steam ratio, operating pressures are achieved quickly and with maximum efficiency.

Pressure: 15 psi to 300 psi
Hot Water or Steam
Only Incoloy Sheath Elements (With 40 Watt Density/Sq. In. .475 Diameter)
Insulation and Metal Jacket.
Easy-Fast Cleanout through Elements Flange.
Complete Package Ready for Electrical, Water and Steam Connections.
Step Controllers Standard on Large Sizes.
Maximum of 45 Amps per Step on all Voltages.
All Electric Equipment and Controls are U.L. Approved.


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