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Siemens Combustion Controls – Touchscreen Kits

6″ to 10″ touchscreen
Annunciation options for the application
Draft control
BMS communication


Provide an interface with the LMV3 or LMV5 linkage-less control. Each kit provides burner-boiler data collection and trending for a condensing or steam boiler.

Touchscreen kits are available as DIN rail kits or mounted in an enclosure. With an enclosure, an AZL display or RWF load or water level control are available as options.


  • Local touchscreen interface with LMV/RWF controllers
  • Schneider touchscreens available in 6″ or 10″
  • Boiler graphics and field tag information are field-configured
  • Static, fuel and internal lockout and error history displayed
  • Fuel-air ratio control curve displayed
  • Alarm History stored for most recent 250 faults/alarms
  • Detailed annunciation of LMV
    • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Remote set point, firing rate and/or enable of the LMV or RWF via BMS
  • Water level control option and status via RWF55
  • Metric or standard units displayed
  • English or Spanish languages
  • Clear English or Spanish text for alarms
  • Circulating pump/isolation valve control outputs for hydronic boilers (option with expanded annunciator)
  • Screen save with PV, set point, demand and status
  • Standard Modbus TCP/IP to BMS communications
  • Email communications and text messaging for up to six recipients including alarms, faults and screenshots
  • Remote monitoring via smart phone or tablet
  • Compatible with SCC Master Panel Lead Lag System


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