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Siemens Combustion Controls – Temperature/Pressure Sensors

7MF Pressure Sensor
Used to measure the pressure of liquid, gas, or vapor

QAE Temperature Sensor
Used to measure water, steam, air, exhaust, or FGR temperature


7MF Pressure Sensor

  • Pressure sensor with range of 0 – 15psi through 0 – 500psi
  • Output options 4 – 20mA or 0 – 10v linear signal
  • High measuring accuracy, typically 0.25% of full scale
  • Measures the pressure of liquids, gasses and vapor
  • Stainless steel NEMA 4 housing
  • 1/2″ NPT electrical connection
  • Compact design


QAE Temperature Sensor

Immersion sensors are for measuring liquid temperature. Typically used with RWF40 or LMV5 hot water or low pressure steam, cold start applications. All have a 1/2″ NPT connection.

An ambient temperature sensor with a 1,000 Ohm, 2 wire, Ni 1,000 RTD – temperature rating up to 125°F.

This is a 1,000 Ohm 2 wire platinum RTD, with aluminum weather head. Typically used for stack temperature or efficiency calculations. Temperature range up to 900°F.

This is a 100 Ohm 3 wire platinum RTD, with aluminum weather head. Typically used for measuring water temperature. Temperature range up to 900°F.


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