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Siemens Combustion Controls – Temperature/Pressure Controllers

Cost effective hot water temperature PID control

Latest full function series of PID controls


The RWF series single loop temperature/pressure control accepts a variety of input signals. The floating control option eliminates the need for electronics in control motors, reducing overall component and installation costs.

RWF10 Temperature/Pressure Controller

  • Optional MODBUS interface
  • Auto/Manual control feature


RWF5 Temperature/Pressure Controller

RWF50.20A9 – Universal controller with 3-position output, thermal shock protection

RWF50.30A9 – Same as RWF50.20A9 with analog output

RWF55.50A9 – Same as RWF50.30A9 with Modbus, setpoint changeover, setpoint shifting, outdoor air reset and limit comparator

RWF55.60A9 – Same as RWF55.50A9 plus Profibus-DP interface


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