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Siemens Combustion Controls – Serial Communication Kits

Connects a LMV linkage-less control to a Master Lead/Lag Panel without a local touchscreen at each boiler


TS-3X-KT for a LMV3 system
TS-3M-KT includes the OCI412.10 Modbus module for a LMV3 system
TS-5X-KT for a LMV5 system

A TS… series serial communication kit connects a Siemens LMV linkageless control system to an SCC Master Lead/Lag Panel without a local touchscreen at each boiler.

The TS… serial kit communicates serially between each LMV linkageless control system and an SCC Master Lead/Lag Panel for up to eight boilers.



  • Serial RS485 Modbus interface to SCC Master Lead/Lag Panel
  • Daisy chain via shielded cable between serial kits at each burner with LMV controls
  • LMV3 or LMV5 serial RS485 communications



TS… serial communication kits are suited for condensing boilers, steam boilers, and other applications utilizing an LMV3 or LMV5 linkageless control system without a local touchscreens at each boiler.


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