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Precision Boilers – Spray Deaerator

Spray Deaeration Capacity: 5,000 PPH to 300,000 PPH
Storage Capacity: 140 nominal gallons to 6,000 nominal gallons of feed water to overflow



Design Advantages:

  • Removal of corrosive oxygen and carbon dioxide from boiler feedwater
  • Reduction in the use of oxygen scavengers another additives
  • Opportunity to reclaim heat by recovering exhaust and flash steam
  • Improved heat transfer by eliminating non-condensable gases
  • Reduction of thermal shock to the boiler by feeding water closer to the boiler operating temperature
  • Guaranteed oxygen removal in excess of 0.005cc/liter
  • Guaranteed to eliminate titratable free carbon dioxide to 0
  • Guaranteed to heat water to corresponding temperature of the saturated steam contained within the vessel
  • Guaranteed to deaerate at all loads from 3% to 100% of rated capacity
  • Capacities from 5,000 PPH to 300,000 PPH
  • All stainless steel internal vent condenser
  • All stainless steel spray valve(s)
  • 10 minute storage capacity minimum
  • All deaerators designed for exact job conditions – no over or under sizing
  • Completely packaged and ready for installation
  • All vessels designed, built, and stamped in accordance with the ASME code for 50 psi with a 1/16″ corrosion allowance


Standard Equipment & Connections:

  • ASME Deaerator Vessel (50 psig design)
  • Structural Steel Stand
  • Motor-Driven Feedpump(s) each with Bypass Relief Orifice, Suction Vortex Breaker, Suction Piping with Stop Valve, Strainer and Flex Connector
  • Steam Inlet Flange
  • Manual Vent Valve with Orifice
  • Vent Condenser
  • High Temp Return (>227°F)
  • Medium Temp Return (180 – 227°f)
  • Low Temp Return (<180°F)
  • Overflow Drainer
  • Self-Operating Steam Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Mechanical Level Control with External Float Cage and Mechanical Modulating Water Inlet Valve
  • Storage Section Thermometer 
  • Steam Section Pressure Gauge
  • Full Height Water Sight Gauge(s)
  • High Level Alarm Switch
  • Low Level Alarm Switch
  • Sampling Valve
  • Sentinel Relief Valve
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Vessel Drain Valve
  • UL Listed NEMA 1 Control Panel
  • Chemical Injection Quill Provision 
  • 12″ x 16″ Manway


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