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Limpsfield – LP Range Burner

Firing ranges from 220kW (0.75Mbtu) through to 2,930kW (10Mbtu)
Designed for use on hot water boilers or industrial steam generators
All burners are available as single or dual fuel, wether it be natural gas or light fuel oil


The Limpsfield LP burner series are characterised by a monoblock structure that means all necessary components can be combined into a single unit, making installation and set-up easier and faster, whilst maintaining highly efficient combustion.

The series covers a firing range from 220kW (0.75Mbtu) through to 2930kW (10Mbtu), and have been designed for use on hot water boilers or industrial steam generators. All burners are available as single or dual fuel, whether it be natural gas or light fuel oil.

The combustion adjustment is fully modulating, through the use of an Autoflame electronic module which is prewired onto the burner. The combination of high precision servo motors and fuel valves, gives the user total control of the air/fuel ratio. Employing a sophisticated PID philosophy, the burners firing rate is modulated to satisfy plant demand. Regardless of your load requirements the system can be set up to respond quickly and effectively.

The LP burner series includes a built-in combustion air fan, designed and calculated to deliver 15% excess combustion air at a specified burner output.

As with all Limpsfield burner’s efficiency is key, therefore they guarantee that the burner will operate at 3% O2 and <10ppm CO throughout the complete firing range, from low to high fire. Add to this a high turndown of 4:1 on gas, and 3:1 on oil, the LP series can therefore supply demanded power, high efficiency, low emissions, reduction in fuel consumption and reliability for a cost effective price tag, with a typical payback of less than 2 years.

Limpsfield guarantees to supply the highest performance and technical solution to any combustion and control application.

Features and Benefits:

  • High efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Compact monoblock design
  • Burner mounted Autoflame Mini Mk7 or Mk7 (LP3) control pod
  • High precision servo motors, with control accuracy of 0.1 degrees
  • Large viewing port , giving a unique view of the combustion
  • Designed, built and tested in a fully certificated ISO9001 environment


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