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Industrial Steam – Jet Spray Pressurized Deaerator

Rated Capacity 6,900 to 300,000 lbs/Hr
18 Different Models



  • Unique Jet Spray scrubbier design deaerator guarantees removal of all dissolved oxygen in excess of 0.005 cc/liter (7 ppb)
  • Electronic instrumentation for modulating deaerator level control includes a hart compatible differential pressure transmitter, PID controller and motorized control valve
  • Multiple deaerator configurations: vertical or horizontal vessels provide maximum flexibility using minimum footprint
  • Only stainless steel components come in contact with undeaerated water. Deaerator spray nozzle, scrubbing section and internal vent condenser are all stainless steel
  • ASME Code and national board stamped receivers – 50 psi standard vessel options include stress relieving, non-destructive testing and full vacuum
  • Custom engineered packaged deaerator system includes boiler feed water pumps and quality components to insure reliable service


  • The Jet Spray deaerator provides excellent performance utilizing the high velocity incoming steam to atomize makeup water and pumped returns. Stainless steel internal components provide reliable performance for many years. This superior spray-type design directs the cleanest water
  • Guaranteed deaerator performance 0.005 cc/liter per ABMA testing procedures. Standard sizes ranging from 6,900 lbs/hr to 300,000 lbs/hr
  • Custom engineered packaged deaerator system results in a small foot print, minimal onsite installation costs, and a single source of responsibility for all major components


WATER FLOW- Incoming undeaerated water and pumped returns enter the deaerator through a spring-loaded stainless steel nozzle which directs the flow in conical sheets into the steam atmosphere of the direct contact vent condenser. At this point, the water temperature in the deaerator is raised to within a few degrees of steam temperature and most of the corrosive, non-condensable gases are removed. The water is directed by a stainless steel tray section into the Jet Spray atomizing valve. Here a high velocity of incoming pure steam atomizes the water into minute particles. This violent scrubbing action removes the last traces of dissolved gases. The hot, deaerated water then falls to the storage compartment for boiler use.

STEAM FLOW- Steam initially enters the deaerator through a special stainless steel Jet Spray atomizing valve. This valve is designed to fully atomize and provide complete deaeration under all load conditions. This design insures that the purest steam comes in contact with the purest water. Once this high velocity steam mechanically shakes out the last traces of non-condensable gases from the water, it flows upward into the preheated area where it meets the incoming makeup water and pumped returns. This water continually condenses the steam which preheats and releases the non-condensable gases into the internal vent condenser where they are metered harmlessly from the deaerator into the atmosphere. This action causes more steam to be drawn into the system to complete the cycle.


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