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Industrial Combustion – Oil Pump & Heater Systems

Simplex and Duplex Technology
75 to 1,600 GPH Capacity
No. 2 – 6 oil
Packaged system – assembled, wired, tested and mounted on welded drip pan steel base


Industrial Combustion Simplex and Duplex oil pump systems are designed to deliver No. 2 thru No. 6 fuel oil to any operation which requires an oil supply. These systems are assembled, wired, and tested units suitable for light or heavy fuel oils. Simplex and Duplex system capacities range from 75 to 1600 gallons per hour for No.2-4 oil and 75 to 1500 gallons per hour for No. 5-6 oil. Direct drive gear type pumps, with integral relief valves are used for No. 2 and 5 oils. No. 6 oil systems use a screw type pump with a separate relief valve. Pump rating is based on 50 psi discharge pressure, other pressures are available, please consult the factory. Suction should not exceed 15 inches Hg vacuum. The duplex system assures a constant supply of filtered oil with the second pump available for standby service. This type of service is essential in applications where systems cannot be interrupted to clean strainers or service pump. All pumps incorporate mechanical seals and are driven by an open drip proof motor or an optional TEFC motor.


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