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Industrial Combustion Burner – S1 / LNS1 Series

Suitable for scotch marine and watertube boiler applications
Offers natural gas, propane gas, air atomized #2 – 6 oil and combination gas / oil fuel options at capacities ranging from 46,200,000 to 63,000,000 Btu/hr


S1 series burners are suitable for scotch marine and watertube boiler applications. The standard S1 series offers natural gas, propane gas, air atomized #2-6 oil and combination gas/oil fuel options at capactities from 46,200,000 to 63,000,000 Btu/hour.

Features Include:

  • Gas, light and heavy oil fuels
  • Cam trim with 14-point adjustment range for consistent air/fuel ratios
  • Parallel positioning available for optimal control throughout the firing range
  • Low NOx with FGR capabilties
  • Top or bottom FGR connection options
  • Hinged combustion head for easy access and maintenance
  • Backward-curved impeller provides adequate combustion air for various furnace pressures
  • Air atomizing with steam atomization optional


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