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Fabtek – Stainless Steel Vacuum Condensate Pump Series

Available in Simplex or Duplex configurations
5,000 – 65,000 EDR Capacities
6 to 36 CFM


Fabtek’s stainless steel vacuum condensate pumps efficiently remove air from the return unit. Air acts as an insulator that weakens the flow of stream throughout the system. By eliminating the air, it enables the condensate to return quickly to the unit. This reduces energy consumption, minimizes wasted BTUs, and promotes a freer flow of steam.

Units are factory built to maintain vacuum as well as remove condensate and non-condensable gases from steam heating systems. These units are complete assemblies which include vacuum-producing pumps that pump through exhauster assemblies, condensate return pumps, tanks, and controls. All SSVCRU vacuum condensate units are tested to ensure leak-free operation and to set all mechanical switches.

The vacuum condensate pump serves two principal functions in a steam heating system.

  • To efficiently remove air from the steam lines thus allowing faster heat transfer through the system
  • To remove condensate which also enables the system to function quickly

As condensate loads increase or there is a call for vacuum, the SSVCRU will automatically start. If the liquid levels in the accumulator tank rise high enough to trip the float switch, the air pumps will activate and remove the condensate from the accumulator tank, dumping the condensate into the hurling tank. The same process occurs when the vacuum switch is activated.

When condensate levels in the hurling tank increase, the mechanical alternator will active one condensate pump. After each cycle, the pumps will automatically alternate. If the condensate load is too much for one pump to handle, the second condensate pump will be started simultaneously.

Standard Features:

  • Cylindrical 304 Stainless Steel receiver with internal accumulator tank
  • Investment cast 304 Stainless Steel centrifugal pumps
  • 304 Stainless Steel orifice and plate housing
  • NEMA 4/12 control panel

Available Options:

  • Stainless Steel pump suction isolation valves
  • High-temperature limit switch


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