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Fabtek – Stainless Steel Condensate Return Unit

1,000 to 150,000 Sq. Ft. EDR
2,500 to 37,500 PPH
Simplex or Duplex pump configurations
Floor mounted units are rated for 200°F condensate and up to 210°F at certain operating points


Fabtek’s Stainless Steel Condensate Return Unit is constructed from the best materials available for longevity in strict demands of commercial application. Tanks have a 20-year warranty against corrosion and are made from 12-gauge 304 stainless steel with internal ribbing where needed for excellent strength.

  • Compact dimensions and light weight make it a simple task to replace your old cast iron unit.
  • Available in five standard sizes; 12, 25, 45, 70 and 100-gallon capacities
  • Simplex or duplex pump configurations
  • Stainless steel gauge glass assembly and HD glass included
  • Pumps are made of investment cast stainless steel
  • The single-stage impeller is a semi-open design allowing for occasional pumping of small solids without clogging.
  • Pumps furnished with 250°F mechanical seals, equipped with a seal cavity bleed line to prevent premature seal failure
  • Pump discharge openings are NPT
  • Select from 2 standard motors
    • NEMA 1 three phase, 208/230/460V TEFC
    • NEMA 1 single phase, 115/208/230V ODP


Standard Features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel receivers with a 20-year warranty against failure due to corrosion
  • 304 Stainless Steel vertical flange mounted centrifugal pumps
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel sight gauge valve assembly
  • NEMA 1 float switch (simplex)
  • NEMA 1 mechanical alternator (duplex)
  • TEFC motor enclosures


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