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Fabtek – Horizontal Elevated Boiler Feed System

16 Standard Tank Sizes
65 Gallons to 1,023 Gallons


Fabtek’s Horizontal Elevated Boiler Feed Systems provide storage for water make-up and return condensate from the system loop. The system automatically supplements condensate with make-up water to replace system losses. This cyclical process allows the exhausted steam to return to the boiler in the form of feedwater. As a result, your boiler room will maintain peak efficiency.

This system is designed for maximum NPSHA to the boiler feed pumps to help eliminate cavitation and prolong pump life. Horizontal elevated boiler feed systems remove dissolved oxygen in boiler feedwater and reduce carbon dioxide. This system permits the recovery of valuable, pretreated condensate return to be used as boiler feedwater.

Receivers are mounted to heavy duty angle or square tube carbon steel stands and coated with industrial grade high-temperature black paint. Receivers are available in multiple sizes to allow for flexibility. Many different pump options are available to meet just about any performance requirement. Custom opening locations and stand heights can easily be provided to meet job site requirements. Our highly skilled, in-house craftsmen produce each boiler feed system.

When left untreated, water carries corrosion-causing dissolved oxygen that will lead to premature piping and tube failure. Implementing a boiler feed system can reduce the need for specific chemical treatments and will also reduce the effects of thermal shock to the boiler. Treating your boiler feed water will ensure longer equipment life, reduced maintenance, and lower operating costs.

  • Systems are constructed of high-quality 304L Stainless Steel
  • Tanks are warranted for 20-years against failure due to corrosion
  • Add Stainless Steel pumps, piping and accessories for a complete Stainless Steel package
  • 16 standard tank sizes: 65 gallons – 1,023 gallons
  • Steam preheat packages available
  • Factory installed insulation available


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