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Enervex – Modulating Overdraft Damper System

Damper-Based Demand-Controlled Ventilation System that Monitors and Regulates Draft Automatically


Excessive draft due to vertical length inflates the operating cost of your heating appliances because heat vents up the chimney instead of going where it is needed. Too much draft can also create a dangerous operating condition for your boiler by lifting the flame off the burner. The Enervex Modulating Overdraft Control System stops this. 


  • High-temperature design
  • Multi-blade damper for fast accurate draft control
  • Modulating Damper Control System provides 100% overdraft control
  • Improves efficiency for any heating appliance.
  • Compact design saves valuable space
  • Flexibility accommodates both condensing & non-condensing applications
  • Maintains low emissions
  • Fast-acting, direct-drive actuator with brushless motor
  • Listed to UL378, Standard for Draft Equipment for 1400°F.
  • Maintenance-free, service-friendly design



  • Prevents flame failure and erratic performance
  • Increases boiler output
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduces fuel cost by improving appliance efficiency
  • Reduces emissions
  • Brings most non-compliant venting installations into code compliance
  • Improves safety


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