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Enervex – Chimney Automation System (Termination)




  • Demand-controlled exhaust system conveys combustion products from a wide range of equipment under negative, positive, or neutral pressure
  • Great option where the mechanical draft system must be installed outdoors at the termination
  • Eliminates the uncertainty of chimney performance
  • Ensures code compliance
  • Eliminates limitations on boiler location and sizing
  • Can control termination conditions (plume/velocity/dryness)
  • Interlocks with boilers ensure maximum safety at all times
  • Maintains precise and repeatable draft for optimal boiler operation
  • Can control residence time and potential flue condensation
  • Vent design can be tailored to the project
  • “One-type-fits-all” chimney automation system can be combined with an Economizer, overdraft damper or combustion air supply to deliver a perfectly controlled system for the heating appliances



  • Increases boiler output in modulate systems
  • Reduces fuel cost by improving appliance efficiency
  • Reduces emissions
  • Saves on overall project costs
  • Reduces chimney size
  • Can provide substantial space savings
  • Brings most non-compliant venting installations into code compliance


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