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Enervex – Chimney Automation System (Inline)

Incredibly Easy-to-Use
Inline Chimney Draft Control Systems for Multiple Boilers, Water Heaters and Other Applications


If you want your commercial boilers and water heaters powered by a mechanical draft system inside the the boiler room, Enervex has you covered.

Available in small, medium and large formats, Enervex’s Inline Chimney Automation System (CASI) is a great option for buildings that are tall, that feature sidewall venting, or where the power venter must be installed inside the building. It is a state-of-the-art demand-controlled exhaust system designed for commercial boilers and heaters which optimizes any heating appliance’s efficiency by actively controlling draft. Its high temperature variable-speed draft fan and motor controls regulate draft by modulating the fan.


  • Demand-controlled exhaust system conveys combustion products from a wide range of equipment under negative, positive, or neutral pressure
  • Great option where the mechanical draft system must be installed inside a building.
  • Eliminates the Uncertainty Of Chimney Performance
  • Ensures Code Compliance
  • Eliminates Limitations On Boiler Location And Sizing
  • Can Control Termination Conditions (Plume/Velocity/Dryness)
  • Interlocks With Boilers Ensure Maximum Safety At All Times
  • Maintains Precise And Repeatable Draft for Optimal Boiler Operation
  • Can Control Residence Time And Potential Flue Condensation
  • Vent Design Can Be Tailored To The Project
  • “One-type-fits-all’ chimney automation system can be combined with an Economizer, Over-draft Damper or Combustion Air Supply System to deliver a perfectly controlled heating system.


  • Increases boiler output in modular systems
  • Reduces fuel cost by improving appliance efficiency
  • Reduces emissions
  • Saves on overall project costs
  • Reduces chimney size
  • Can provide substantial space savings
  • Brings most non-compliant venting installations into code compliance


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