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DuraVent – Special Gas Vent FasNSeal 80/90

Combined Category I and IV venting for gas-burning appliances




FasNSeal 80/90 is a unique, patent pending system that exhausts 90+ condensing appliances with Type B atmospheric units within the same vent.

Using your pre-existing common vent, our cap improves the operation of both the remaining atmospheric appliances, and the new condensing unit, while not disturbing finished space during installation.

Finally a solution when you need to deal with narrow lot lines, clearance to window and door openings or when side wall venting just isn’t practical.


  • Available in 5″ – 8″ B Vent diameters
  • Approved for installation in other manufacturers B Vent, with listed Category I adapters available
  • SS flex has smooth inner wall
  • Corrosion resistant SS steel flex liner
  • Dual path (Category I / Category IV) termination cap
  • Engineered sizing guidance for combined system
  • Compatible with portfolio of DuraVent special gas vent products, including PolyPro and FNS
  • Vertical termination
  • Combined Category I / Category IV vent system takes up no additional space
  • UL tests, listed engineered system


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