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DuraVent – Special Gas Vent DuraSeal

Single-Wall and Double-Wall Special Gas Vent Boiler Adapters


Quality and Dependability
The DuraSeal flue is manufactured from either 316L or AL29-4C, a super-ferritic stainless steel designed for extreme resistance to chloride ion pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, as well as general corrosion in oxidizing and moderately reducing environments. AL29-4C and 316L are the ideal choice for withstanding the harmful effects of corrosive condensates created by partially or fully condensing high-efficiency natural gas and propane-fired heating appliances.

The Canadian Gas Research Institute found that test results proved AL29-4C to be one of the two “most corrosion-resistant alloys of 20 candidate stainless steels evaluated for resistance to chloride-induced corrosion in condensing and partially condensing gas-fired appliances.”

Stringent Standards for Quality Assurance.
To guarantee a perfect fit every time and to avoid built-in stress points or weak areas, tube ends are formed under stringent guidelines and held to exacting standards.

The casing (outer tube on DuraSeal DSD/DSID) is manufactured from type 441 stainless steel to provide long-lasting performance and stability when exposed to the outdoors.

The air space between the flue and casing is 1″ on DSD and 2″ insulated on DSID, providing close clearances to combustibles, reasonable outside dimensions and an additional heat shield or margin of safety where needed.

Built to Last
DuraSeal features a smooth weld seam inside and out, which is completely shielded during the welding process. Contamination or molecular changes in the weld seam are avoided and no fillers are used in the welding process.

The DuraSeal double-wall system is fully interchangeable with their DuraSeal single-wall system. Both have been conformed to UL1738 and certified to ULC-S636 safety standards. When installed according to DuraVent’s installation instructions, DuraSeal meets all test requirements for horizontal and vertical, interior or exterior installations. DSID features the same construction as DSD, but with 2″ air space filled with mineral wool insulation.

DuraSeal® single wall (DS 3″-24″, DSLS 26″-36″) or double wall (DSD 3″-24″, DSLD 26″-36″) is a special stainless steel vent system for gas fired appliances listed as Catefory I, II, III, and IV or in Canada as Type BH Gas Venting as noted in ULC-636, with a maximum operating temperature of 550°F (288°C), and a maximum rated positive pressure of 35″ water column. It can also vent listed gas or oil fired appliance rated to be vent with TYPE L low temperature venting system (DSD & DSID only). DuraSeal® must be installed by an experienced professional familiar with the operation and maintenance of heating appliances and venting. Before installing this product, examine all components for possible shipping damage and read the complete installation manual. Failure to follow proper installation procedures, including vent pitch and improper appliance connections, may cause unsafe conditions.

Materials & Construction
Inner Wall Material Thickness (AL29-4C)
3″ – 9″              .015″
10″ – 16″          .020″
18″ – 24″          .024″

Outer Wall Material Thickness (441)
3″ – 9″              .015″
10″ – 16″          .020″
18″ – 24″          .024″



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