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DuraVent – Grease Duct Zero Clearance Grease Duct

Introducing the superior factory-built grease duct design. DuraVent’s new design is sure to be the industry’s choice for new restaurant construction or custom remodeling.


Fire-rated (DIS3Z) significantly reducing installation footprint and frees up space for other use. No need to build an expensive fire-rated chase or apply two layers of fire wrap typically required for welded steel grease duct designs.

Available in 5″- 36″; 3″ wall insulation and single wall. DuraStack Pro is now UL 1978 listed for applications where 1″ air insulated, 1″, 2″, or 4″ AES Wool Insulated grease duct is required. Please see the DuraStack Pro product pages for more details. 

UL1978, UL2221 (2 HR)
IMC, UMC and NFPA96 Code Compliance

Blanket insulation is already installed in the portion that lines up with the outside casing. We provide an insulation band to be field installed behind the outside band.

Goes together with the inner flange and inner locking band (with centering extension). The outer locking band is on the outside for more support, making it a stronger system.

DuraVent, Inc. Model DIS3Z grease ducts have been tested and listed by UL to UL/ULC Standards. UL 1978 Grease Duct and UL2221(2 hr Fire Rating). IMC, UMC and NFPA96 Code Compliance.

Grease Duct is subjected to rigorous and stringent requirements of the UL1978 & UL-2221 standard, including continuous firing at 500°F (260°C), plus 30 minute firing at 2000°F (1093°C).


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