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Limpsfield-BKBD – Ultratec High Efficiency Series

Ultra High Efficiency
5 Year Warranty
All Stainless Steel Construction
Four Pass Design
Fully Condensing at Full Output

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The Complete Package Solution
The Ultratec boiler range offers maximum efficiencies and reliability whilst being incredibly simple to maintain. The package includes a high-efficiency fully modulating burner with a microprocessor touchscreen control system that gives the user a vast range of options.

The boiler range includes 9 different models with outputs ranging from 0.5 to 10 MMBTU/hr (147 – 2930kW) that can be fired on Gas, Oil or Dual fuel. The Ultratec is manufac- tured from 316L Stainless Steel, and is covered by a 5 Year Guarantee on parts.


  • Unique tube profile design ensures maximum heat transfer
  • Useful heat efficiency of 97%+
  • Fully condensing
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Low NOx @ 3% O2
  • Low emission fully modulating burner
  • Turndown of 5:1+
  • 4-Pass, wetback, parallel flow design
  • Micro processor touchscreen control system
  • Multiple fuel options
  • Minimal maintenance


A generous heat transfer surface area for the specified heat input allows for maximum heat transfer through the heat exchanger whilst maintaining low Nox emissions throughout the firing range.

The heat exchanger has been designed to use a parallel flow 4 pass unique tube profile design. This ensures the highest possible heat transfer, whilst guaranteeing corrosion resistance, longevity and absolute minimal service costs.


Gas or Oil Fired
The Ultratec boiler range has the option to fire on gas, oil or dual fuel applications. The heat exchanger is manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel. The stainless steel offers a high corrosive resistance to the acidic nature of the condensate produced by exhaust gases when firing oil. Using this material enables us to offer a 5 year guarantee.


As standard, the Ultratec boiler range is offered complete with a high efficiency fully modulat- ing burner. A turndown of 5:1 + and guaranteed O2 emissions of 3% throughout the range ensures that the burner/ boiler combination is operating at the highest efficiencies possible, providing maximum fuel savings.


On-Off Operation
For the smaller Ultratec boilers up to 1 MMBtu/hr (302kW) we offer an option for an On-Off operating burner. Whilst offering a cost- effective solution for smaller applications, these burners offer the same guaran- tee on performance of 3% O2. Because they are supplied as a monoblock unit, installation and wiring is simple.


The Ultratec boiler range has been designed to have a minimal footprint to ensure ease of install into most plan rooms. The smaller boilers up to 1 MMBTU/hr have been specifically designed to easily pass through a standard doorway. All installs will be carried out by a team of trained professionals.


Flue System
Ultratec boilers must be connected to a flue system suitable for use with condensing boilers. The flue should be mounted and angled towards the boiler to ensure that any condensate drains back into the boiler and through the designated drainage ports. When firing on Oil, it is important that a suitable flue material is used to offer resistance against the highly corrosive condensate.

The boilers are designed to be used in a single flue system or a common header for multiple boiler applications.

Flue systems must be designed to ensure balanced conditions at the flue connection on the boiler. A variation of +/-0.5mbar can have a negative effect on the burner performance, in these instances a draught control system should be used.


System Water
Ultratec boilers must be installed onto a sealed and pressurized system with a minimum static head of 1 bar. The design of the Ultratec boiler ensures turbulent water flow internally to the boiler. This acts as a self-cleaning device of any scale build up on the water side. However it would be advised that system water be doused with a good quality treatment to prevent scale build up within the boiler, if the system requires plate heat exchangers these must be fitted. Flow detection must also be installed to ensure the flow of water at all times when the burner is firing.



BKBD – 0.5

  • Output: 0.5 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 146.54 kW (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60°C = 107%

BKBD – 0.75

  • Output: 0.75 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 219.81 (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60°C = 107%

BKBD – 1

  • Output: 1.00 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 293.08 kW (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60°C = 107%

BKBD – 2

  • Output: 2.00 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 586.17 kW (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60°C = 107%

BKBD – 3

  • Output: 3.00 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 879.25 kW (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60°C = 1-7%

BKBD – 4

  • Output: 4.00 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 1,172.33 kW (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60° = 107%

BKBD – 5

  • Output: 5.00 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 1,465.42 kW (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60°C = 107%

BKBD – 6

  • Output: 6.00 MMBTU/hr (imperial) – 1,758 kW (metric)
  • Efficiency Gross @ 80/60°C = 97%
  • Efficiency Net @ 80/60°C = 107%


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