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Autoflame – Mk8 MM

Micro-modulating system that offers comprehensive control over industrial and commercial boiler/burners


Manage virtual all boiler processes from a single 12.1″ multi-touch screen interface without any added modules.

Ideal for steam and water boilers (watertube or fire tube), kilns and steam generators. Designed for oil, natural gas or both fuels.

Linkage-less servomotor system and automated flame safeguard create conditions for unmanned boiler house.

Modbus connectivity allows for remote monitoring and management,

Control more with software unlocks.

Access codes unlock advanced features without the inconvenience of hardware changes or added modules:

  • Autoflame water level management
  • Analogue water level (requires Autoflame water level)
  • TDS/Top blowdown
  • Bottom blowdown
  • Draught control
  • Direct Modbus connectivity
  • First out annunciation
  • Fully metered, cross-limited control
  • Steam flow & water flow metering


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