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Autoflame – Mk8 EGA Evo

Enables patented 3 parameter trim
Monitor up to 6 gases


For decades, boilerhouses have used our Exhaust Gas Analysers (EGA) to monitor flue emissions to comply with environmental regulations and to reduce fuel usage as well as emissions. The EGA’s readings are transmitted to the Autoflame Micro Modulation (MM) Controller, which the MM can use to adjust the combustion for optimised burner performance.

Improvements over Mk8 EGA:

  • Larger 12.1″ multitouch touchscreen (compared to 10.4″)
  • Full glass front
  • Improved user interface
  • Diagnostics screen and system log for fault finding
  • Graphical calibration schedule
  • Complete multiple language support
  • Full download and upload of settings using updated Download Manager. This allows for easier diagnostics, as well as backing up settings and then installing the same settings on a new EGA
  • PC download of CEMS data for reporting in Excel available. Includes custom excel-based application for easy analysis



  • Continuous emissions monitoring system for display and data trending
  • Specifically designed for current regulations on emissions monitoring
  • Simultaneous and continuous sampling of up to 6 exhaust gases: O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2
  • 12.1″ multi-touch full color touch screen
  • Stored information is updated every minute
  • Online monitoring of cell status to identify cell replacement requirement 
  • MM controller or standalone operation modes
  • Complete diagnostic information
  • Quick and easy installation using plug-in connectors
  • Designed to minimize maintenance
  • Six 4-20mA analogue outputs of all combustion data for remote logging, printing or chart recording
  • Warnings for cell failure, probe blockage and analyzer failure
  • EGA’s instantaneous online data can be transferred to a building management system over ethernet or RS422 via Autoflame Mk7 data transfer interface 
  • Online manual
  • Replacement cells contain calibration data and serial number for easier cell replacement during servicing
  • Automated cell calibrations on bottled calibration gas


Operation with MM Controller:

By connecting the Mk8 EGA Eve to an Autoflame MM Controller, all of the following functionality is available for improving combustion performance, reducing energy costs and improving safety:

  • The EGA enables Autoflame’s unique 3 parameter trim. The system sends output signals based on three exhaust gases (O2, CO2, and CO) to enable the MM Controller to perform trim. The controller will impose corrections to the air damper or Variable Speed Drive in order to maintain optimum combustion performance for the system. These changes ensure that the original commissioned combustion data is maintained irrespective of changes to stack pressure, barometric pressure and temperature
  • The MM Controller may be set with upper and lower limits on O2, CO2, CO, NO and exhaust gas temperature. The system can be optioned to that the burner locks out or a warning is triggered when limits are exceeded


Additional Components:

  • Optional exhaust gas sampling probe available complete with internal filter, thermocouple and sampling tube
  • Optional environmental enclosure available for non-standard conditions, harsh environments
  • Optional external filter available for high condensate fuels or humid environments


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