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Autoflame – Mini Mk8 MM




Perfect for industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler applications, the Autoflame Mini Mk8 Controller offers cutting edge technology that can significantly reduce emissions and fuel costs.

Able to reduce fuel consumption by 5-7% over traditional linkage systems.

Capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 10%.

Repeatable, accurate positioning system reduces maintenance costs.

Controls fuel, VSD, scheduling, sequencing and other automatic settings.

Robust steel construction.

Available in a control panel package.


Main Features:

  • Direct replacement for Mini Mk7
  • Micro-modulation of fuel/air ratio control
  • 2 fuel curve capability
  • 3 servomotor channel control
  • 1 VSD channel control
  • Internal flame safeguard control
  • Full flame supervision with self-check UV, IR or ionization flame detection
  • Self-check UV detection (optional)
  • Lead lag/Intelligent Boiler Sequencing
  • Precise target setpoint control
  • 3 parameter trim, O2, CO2, and CO (requires EGA option)
  • NFPA compliant
  • Outdoor temperature compensation (requires OTC module)
  • Time clock feature


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