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Aldrich Boilers – Hydronic L & LG Series

Inputs from 105,000 to 300,000 BTUH
Outputs from 84,000 to 240,000 BTUH
80% Efficiency

Capacities: 84 to 240 MBH
Pressure: 30 PSI design

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L Series = Oil Fired | LG Series = Gas Fired


The “L & LG” include a low stress thermal shock resistant single pass vertical design. With thousands of boilers installed worldwide this has proven to be a robust boiler design.

Primary flue gases pass via water backed heat transfer tubes. No refractory backed finned passages to burn out.

The“L & LG”Series may be factory constructed with an integral copper finned heat exchanger allowing the boiler the ability to provide both direct heating and indirect heating.


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