Boiler Stack and Chimney Systems

M&G DuraVent and Security Chimneys International have made a revolutionary change to the class”A”, positive pressure boiler stack industry. Utilizing a new construction technique, each section of boiler stack has a male and female end with a very large 2” wide mating area for sealing the sections. Each pre-insulated section requires only one band or joint per section during the installation – resulting in huge time savings! Save as much as 30-40% in labor vs. conventional flanged designs!!

Durastack model DIS and DAS

A modular double-wall positive pressure chimney system. Factory built for boiler   breeching, engine exhaust, and chimney stack. Grease duct (DIS only). UL 103, UL 1978 (DIS only), ULC/ORD C959, ULC S604


    Condensing rated AL29-4C single-wall vent material.  Special gas vent system. UL 1738 and ULC S636

    FasNSeal W2®

    Condensing rated AL29-4C double-wall vent material.  Double-wall special gas vent system. UL 1738 and ULC S636


    High-temperature, stainless steel, factory-built chimney tested to UL-103HT for use with all fuel-burning appliances (wood, oil, gas)


    A precision-engineered, multi-fuel, single-wall vent system designed for refitting or lining a masonry chimney


    Quality-engineered Type B gas vent for Category I appliances

ENERVEX's Demand-Controlled Ventilation Systems Make It Easy and Economical to be Green. One of the keys to a properly operating combustion system is to have the proper amount of combustion air along with specific draft requirements. This modulating draft system and modulating combustion air provide that balance.

Available Systems:

  • CASV - Chimney Automation System (Termination)
  • CASI - Chimney Automation System (Inline)
  • MCAS - Modulating Combustion Air Supply
  • MODS - Modulating Over-draft Damper System