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Vapor Power Boilers

One of the best kept secrets in Chicagoland. Built right here in Franklin Park, IL, the Vapor Power Steam Generators can produce high pressure steam in a matter of minutes with efficiencies as high as 90%+ for some applications when combined with ConDex heat recovery equipment.

For over a century, their company has been serving the needs of a wide range of industries that require steam generation. They have earned a reputation as the premier designer and manufacturer of boilers, steam generators and liquid phase heaters used worldwide.

With the small footprint, lighting quick steam production, very high turndown ratio, high efficiency, very low standby loss, automated blowdown system, HMI interface, and relatively simple chemical treatment requirements, these boilers are a great choice for most high- and low-pressure systems.

Circulatic Steam Boiler
Modulatic Steam Boiler
Electric Steam Boiler
Electric Hot Water Boiler

Rite Boilers

With the straight inclined watertube construction, this boiler can be inspected and cleaned very easily on the waterside of the heating surfaces. For low pressure steam and hot water applications, the boiler efficiency can be maintained for a lifetime instead of sacrificing to the scale, lime, and calcium build ups that drastically reduce efficiencies. Rite offers inclined watertube boilers, and atmospheric boilers.

Hot Water Boilers:
Indoor Power Burner Fired
Indoor Atmospheric/Natural Gas Fired
Outdoor Power Burner Fired
Outdoor Atmospheric/Natural Gas Fired
High Temperature Hot Water Boiler

Low Pressure Steam Boilers:
Indoor Power Burner Fired
Indoor Atmospheric/Natural Gas Fired
Outdoor Power Burner Fired
Outdoor Atmospheric/Natural Gas Fired

High Pressure Steam Boilers:
Indoor Power Burner Fired
Indoor Atmospheric/Natural Gas Fired
Outdoor Power Burner Fired
Outdoor Atmospheric/Natural Gas Fired

McKenna Boilers

McKenna Boilers was established by JB McKenna in Southern California in 1921. The company quickly gained a reputation for designing quality products that perform under harsh manufacturing conditions, and began to grow by word-of-mouth recommendations. In the 1930’s, Guy Smith, a relative of McKenna, joined the business and brought in his own expertise and knowledge, designing and developing the innovative Scotch Marine style units that are still used today. Since then they have been an integral part of the growth and industrialization of local and international businesses that are seeking dependable and innovative boiler products to streamline their operations.

McKenna strives to incorporate technology into every aspect of their company, making it a more seamless extension of their products and your business. Their innovative mindset has led to progressive discoveries that promote automation and convenience.

JFS Series


Although GasMaster is a newer company to the industry, they are already turning heads with their award-winning designs and innovative technology. GasMaster Boilers, established in 1995, is paving the way for boiler technology, with multiple awards including: 95% High Efficiency Condensing Boilers,  and 98% High Efficiency Condensing Water Heaters.

GasMaster specializes in fully condensing boilers and water heaters ranging from 200 MBH to 8,000 MBH. The fully modulating design of the GasMaster Boilers allow for high turndown ratios and minimizing on/off cycles, to increase boiler efficiencies.

Their digital, high precision temperature controller allows the owner to reach and maintain desired water temperature without the unit cycling on and off. With Boiler efficiencies reaching 98%+ and new models coming out in the near future, we are confident GasMaster will continue to pave the way for innovation and design in the boiler industry.

GMI Series
GMI Series Dual Fuel
GMI Series Dual Gas
NX Series
HC Series

BKBD Boilers

BKBD manufacture the Ultratec boiler range from 316L stainless steel which offers maximum efficiencies and reliability whilst being incredibly simple to maintain and comes complete with a 5 year guarantee. Offer the complete package for your boiler room. The package includes a high efficiency fully modulating burner with a microprocessor touchscreen control system that gives the user a vast range of options.

Ultratec High Efficiency Series

Williams & Davis Boilers

Since 1921, Williams & Davis has built a foundation of quality as a global manufacturer of firetube boilers. The diversity of the Williams & Davis Boiler line allows for numerous choices of applications to best suit the needs of a business. It is a company that has been established for nearly 100 years and provides great insight into choosing the correct application.

Williams & Davis provides an ASME approved product line, specializing in: Firetube Scotch Marine Boilers, Hydronic Condensing Boilers, and Vertical Tubeless Boilers, allowing companies to choose a product that maximizes efficiency. Ranging from 15 HP to 1,500 HP and efficiencies reaching 88%+, laser cut, and ASME approved welds; these boilers are built to last.

Scotch Marine Boilers:
2000D Series 2-Pass Dry-Back
3000D Series 3-Pass Dry-back
4000D Series 4-Pass Dry-back
3000W Series 3-Pass Water-back
4000W Series 4-Pass Water-back

Hydronic Condensing Boilers:
Series 3000C

Vertical Tubeless Boilers:
Series 2000V 2-Pass

Electric Boilers:
Series 1000E Incoloy Elements

Aldrich Company

Established in 1936, Aldrich Company serves the global market as a premier manufacturer of firetube boilers and water heaters. Aldrich Company researches, engineers, manufactures and sells quality boilers and water heaters for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Aldrich Company continues their focus of providing “Quality Products by Loyal Craftsman”.

Steam Boilers:
A3S Series
A3S4 Series
A3S5 Series
AHFR Series
AHFRC Series
D Series
DG Series

Hydronic Boilers:
A3C Series
A3W Series
A3W4 Series
A3W5 Series
A3WHC Series
AVR Series
AVW Series
K Series
KG Series
L Series
LG Series

Precision Boilers

Precision Boilers entered the hydronic heating and plumbing industry in 1946, when they engineered, developed, and produced their first product, the Precision Sump Pump. A year later, the first Precision Boilers’ electric boiler was designed and fabricated. The company and its reputation continued to grow, and their capabilities expanded to include electric steam boilers and electric hot water storage heaters.

Hot Water Boiler:
FTH Series