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Boiler Room Accessories

Boiler Feed Water

Fabtek Aero

Fabtek Aero has a full line of stainless steel boiler feed water systems. If corrosion has always been an issue in your boiler feedwater system, these tanks are constructed on 304 or 316 stainless steel with stainless piping, valves, and pumps; virtually eliminating the effect that the boiler feedwater chemicals have on standard steel and cast equipment.

Fabtek’s boiler feeds reduce chemical and water costs by recycling byproducts by reusing the water condensate generating in your heating and cooling systems. The systems maintain water levels by supplementing condensate with make-up water. This process allows the exhausted steam to return to the boiler in the form of feedwater before it cools. As a result, your boiler system will maintain peak efficiency.

Vertical Elevated Boiler Feed Systems
Horizontal Floor Mounted Boiler Feed Systems
Horizontal Elevated Boiler Feed Systems

Blow Down Equipment


Wilson Engineering’s CBHR is a low-cost continuous blowdown heat recovery system that saves enough to pay for itself in just a few months. Flash is directed to the deaerator, and remaining heat is transferred to the makeup water with a brazed plate hx. No source of power or air is required, this system is totally self-contained.

Blowdown separators take water from the boiler during blowdown which reduces the atmospheric pressure for disposal. Blowdown heat recovery systems recover up to 90% of the heat energy that would otherwise be lost down the drain.

Blowdown Separator
Blowdown Heat Recovery


Precision Boilers entered the hydronic heating and plumbing industry in 1946, when they engineered, developed, and produced their first product, the Precision Sump Pump. A year later, the first Precision Boilers’ electric boiler was designed and fabricated. The company and its reputation continued to grow, and their capabilities expanded to include electric steam boilers and electric hot water storage heaters.

BDS Blowdown Separator

Condensate Systems

Fabtek Aero

Fabtek is a family-owner and operated company. As a leading OEM, they offer top-of-the-line products that collect and return steam condensate to the system. These tanks are constructed on 304 or 316 stainless steel with stainless piping, valves, and pumps; virtually eliminating the affects that the condensate chemicals have on standard steel and cast equipment.

Fabtek’s condensate units have become the industry standard for performance and reliability. Their equipment delivers exceptional results through condensate innovations. Each unit is engineered to meet the strict demands of commercial boiler rooms. Fabtek’s stainless steel units are built to last and give your boiler room the highest return of condensate.

Stainless Steel Condensate Return Unit
Stainless Steel Wash Down Condensate Unit
Stainless Steel Loboy Condensate Series
Vacuum Condensate Unit


Industrial Steam

Industrial Steam is the leading manufacturer of .005 cc/l pressurized and atmospheric deaerators. Along with the time-tested proven Spray-type and Tray-type designs, Industrial Steam manufactures a unique line of dual compartment systems that provide 100% guaranteed performance that is unmatched in the deaerating industry.

Deaerators are mechanical devices that remove dissolved gases from boiler feedwater. Deaeration protects the steam system from the effects of corrosive gases. Industrial Steam provides three types of deaerators; spray style deaerators, tray style deaerators, and recycle spray deaerators.

Steam Flow
Tray Type
Jet Spray
Spray Flow II

Precision Boilers

Precision Boilers entered the hydronic heating and plumbing industry in 1946, when they engineered, developed, and produced their first product, the Precision Sump Pump. A year later, the first Precision Boilers’ electric boiler was designed and fabricated. The company and its reputation continued to grow, and their capabilities expanded to include electric steam boilers and electric hot water storage heaters.

Tray Deaerator
Spray Deaerator



A leading global supplier of custom designed, proprietary and patented condensing heat recovery and energy efficiency systems to industrial and institutional clients worldwide.

ConDex condensing economizers can recover up to 4x the energy that conventional economizers are capable of. Utilizing the built-in by-pass technology, these economizers can recover heat to multiple heat sinks with built in temperature control of each section. Any waste steam of moist air is a possible application – boiler flues, generator flues, oil fired equipment, process washers, etc.

Condensing Economizer
Cylindrical System
Rectangular In-Stack Condensing System

Cain Industries

Cain Industries offers and extensive selection of boiler economizers specifically designed to recover BTU exiting the exhaust stack and transfer it back into a desire heat sink.

Cain Industries non-condensing economizers are specifically designed to recover the heat from any gas fired appliance from the flue stream. Typically utilized on steam boilers to recover the heat for the boiler feedwater.

Cain Industries condensing economizers are the most effective means of exhaust heat recovery. Cain manufactures condensing economizers for steam boilers, hot water boilers and most natural gas combustion applications where a cold-water heat sink is prevalent.

Rectangular Tube Recovery Series
Fin Coil Recovery Series
Energy Manager Condensing Series
Single Stage Condensing Series
Two Stage Condensing Series

Stacks & Chimneys

ICC Chimney

ICC Chimney manufactures a wide variety of chimney systems for commercial and industrial applications, including high or low temperature, high or low pressure, condensing vent, and grease duct applicants.

VIC Condensing
VIP+ Pressure
Model RIS


Demand-controlled ventilation systems make it easy and economical to be green. One of the keys to a properly operating combustion system is to have the proper amount of combustion air along with specific draft requirements. This modulating draft system and modulating combustion air provide that balance.

Chimney Automation System (Termination)
Chimney Automation System (Inline)
Modulating Combustion Air System
Modulating Over-Draft Damper System


M & G DuraVent and Security Chimneys International have made a revolutionary change to the class “A”, positive pressure boilers stack industry. Utilizing a new construction technique, each section of boiler stack has a male and female end, with a very large 2″ wide mating area for sealing the sections. Each pre-insulated section requires only one band or joint per section during the installation – resulting in huge time savings! Save as much as 30-40% in labor vs. conventional flanged designs.

Special Gas Vent
FasNSeal 80/90
FasNSeal Flex
FasNSeal W2

Pressure Stack
DuraStack Pro

Grease Duct
Zero Clearance Grease Duct

Water Treatments

Conductivity Controllers

Advantage Controls

Get the advantage of the widest offering of water treatment controllers. Whether you need a multi-system control with Internet communications or a simple bleed and feed analog unit. Advantage Controls has s unit to control conductivity, pH, ORP, temperature, flow, feed timers plus many options and features to meet your unique requirements. Customize a controller style that meets your specific industrial water treatment application from the MegaTron, MicroTron, 2EZ or analog timer lines.

MegaTron MT
MegaTron XS

Condensate Polisher

Marlo Inc.

The ‘MCP’ Series condensate polisher system offers a sound solution for removing impurities such as iron, copper, and hardness from returned steam condensate resulting in improved boiler feedwater quality and lower operating costs. Using sodium-cycle, cation exchange resin, they operate similar to water softeners requiring only salt for regeneration material.

The system is fully automatic as standard and all valves and controls are completely factory pre-piped, pre-wired, and pre-tested for minimal installation time and cost. Multiple tank systems alternating or parallel configurations, to achieve higher service flow or continuous supply of treated condensate are also available.

Individual tank capacity ranges from 150,000 grain to 2,700,000 grain with continuous flow of up to 565-GPM. Tank diameters from 20″ to 72″ and service pipe connections from 2″ to 6″ are available.

MCP Series

Water Softener

Marlo Inc.

Removal of calcium and magnesium compounds in water (limestone hardness) eliminates scaling in piping, process equipment, and heat exchange systems as well as greatly improving the effectiveness of cleaning and rinsing processes. Marlo Incorporated commercial water softeners are specifically designed to reduce the “hardness” of water by removing these elements.

Industrial Water Softener System  – MST Series
Commercial Water Softeners – MGT Series
Commercial Water Softeners – MAT Series

Reverse Osmosis System

Marlo Inc.

Engineered to economically produce high purity water by the removal of dissolved minerals, bacteria, particles, and organic impurities. Each RO machine is constructed using the highest quality components and materials for reliable operation and exceptional performance.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System – MRO-4H Series
Reverse Osmosis System – MRO-8H Series
Industrial Reverse Osmosis Applications – MRO 2.5 Series

Commercial Water Filtration & Carbon Filters

Marlo Inc.

The Marlo MFG Series automatic backwashing media filter system is designed to provide the highest quality in water filtration equipment while covering a wide variety of commercial applications including turbidity reduction, iron removal, and chlorine removal. A broad range of filter media and component options are offered to fit your exact specifications.

MFG Series

Water Heating Systems


Although GasMaster is a newer company to the industry, they are already turning heads with their award-winning designs and innovative technology. GasMaster Boilers, established in 1995, is paving the way for boiler technology, with multiple awards including: 2003 AHR Innovation Awards-Honorable Mention, 2006 AHR Innovation Award, and 2008 Dealer Design Award.

GasMaster specializes in fully condensing boilers and water heaters ranging from 200 MH to 8,000 MBH. The fully modulating design of the GasMaster Boilers allows for high turndown ratios and minimizing on/off cycles, to increase boiler efficiencies. Their digital, high precision temperature controller allows the owner to reach and maintain desired water temperature without the unit cycling on and off.

With Boiler Efficiencies reaching 98%+ and new models coming out in the new future, we are confident GasMaster will continue to pave the way for innovation and design in the boiler industry.

GMI Series
GMI Dual Fuel Series
GMI Dual Gas Series